Debbie Edwards

I stopped in by mistake bc they didn’t have the women’s World Cup FS2 channel…BUT, Jess & Sam did everything they could to get that game on!! The Pinot Grigio is a nice one👍. I’m on a Keto diet, asked where I can get a good steak downtown. Sam, very confidently, told me he makes the best flat iron steak. Well, since I’ve been driving for 3 hrs I decided to give him a chance…so worth it. That steak was so much more than I expected !! I ordered another one, yes!!! And the vegetable medley is cooked with perfect texture & seasoning. Jess is the nicest person pouring. In very lucky to have pulled in here!!! It will be my go-to every trip to visit my son. KUDOS & thanks for making me feel comfortable & satisfying my craving for steak. See you next week!!

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