Breaded Chicken Strips ~ 7.70
Regular or Buffalo Style.
Served with choice of dipping sauce

Mozzarella Sticks ~ 6.70
Served with marinara sauce

Buffalo Chicken Dip ~ 10.00
Shredded chicken blended with cheese, ranch dressing and hot sauce.
Served with bread slices and crackers.

Potato Skins ~ 7.00
Stuffed with choice of cheese and bacon or chili and cheese. Served with sour cream.

Fried Mac & Cheese Bites ~ 5.70

Fried Cheddar Cheese Balls ~ 6.30

Onion Rings ~ 5.00

Breaded Zucchini Sticks ~ 6.00
Served with tiger sauce

Steamed Shrimp ~ 17.00
1 Pound served with cocktail sauce

Chicken Quesadilla ~ 12.00
Grilled chicken, house-made salsa and cheddar jack cheese grilled in a flour tortilla.
Served with sour cream and salsa.

Cheese Quesadilla~ 9.00
Cheddar jack cheese grilled in a flour tortilla. Served with sour cream and salsa

Crab Dip ~ 11.50
Crabmeat blended with cheese, sour cream and old bay.
Served with bread slices and crackers.

Nachos~ 8.00
Tortilla chips layered with chili and cheddar jack cheese.
Served with salsa and sour cream.

House-Made Salsa & Chips ~ 5.00

Stuffed Mushroom Caps ~ 11.00
Stuffed with crab cake and topped with Imperial Sauce.

Sampler ~ 12.00
Buffalo wings, chicken strips, breaded zucchini and mozzarella sticks.
Served with choice of 2 dipping sauces

Buffalo Wings
1 pound~ 9.00
Served with celery, carrot sticks and bleu cheese or ranch dressing
Choice of Plain, BBQ, Mild, Hot, Inferno, Old Bay,
Teriyaki, Sweet & Tangy and Chipotle Citrus

Extra Sauce $.50